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Every Made You Look Kit purchased will benefit Camp Kesem, a nationwide community that puts children through and beyond their parent's cancer.
This is a box full of inspiring and fun public art for you to decorate and leave for people to make them smile.
13 FAKE FLYERS you customize and hand around town will have strangers doing things like picking funny fortunes or performing the kind of dares that you've supplied them, putting on mustache stickers that you have furnished in your Mustache Dispensary, and will help you to leave small items to aid people in need.
5 POSTCARDS await your flourish as you color and add inspirational or comical messages, then secretly leave each one for someone to find, keep, and treasure.
When you place any of the 3 made up hysterical LISTS for people to discover then pass along, they will check the Zombie To Do List to see how much time they have until the Zombie Apocalypse (Wednesday), will wonder if Count Dracula ever found the fang whitening strips his wife put on his shopping list, and will ponder if Mr. Whiskers met one of this year's goal: claw extensions.
The two sided POSTER included can be colored and displayed with its funny messages. Hold it up while wearing your bandit mask, and see how many people will honk and wave at you as they drive by. 


13 flyers with coordinating stickers, activities, and pull-out strips

5 postcards to decorate and write messages on

1 sheet of scratch & sniff skunk stickers

5 washable markers

3 leave behind lists to pass along

1 two sided poster

1 sheet of hanging tape tabs

1 Renegade mask

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