Essential Oils - Lavender Roll-On
Essential Oils - Lavender Roll-On

Essential Oils Roll On - Lavender

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Lavender is truly the queen in the Indigo Bath and Body kingdom.  Known and used for so may purposes, it is one of the few essential oils that can be used 'neat' or directly on the skin without a carrier oil.  It is well known for it's stress relieving, relaxation, sleep promotion, restorative, and calming.  It is also widely used for minor cuts and wounds, and a number of other topical skin issues.

This beautiful cobalt blue glass roll on is blended with Patchouli and coconut oil for a perfectly portable aromatherapy pick me up or as a personal perfume.  

About Essential Oils and Blends:

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their topical and aromatherapeutic effects. Indigo Bath and Body believes in the benefits of essential oils when used properly and as recommended.  Indigo Bath and Body does not recommend the ingestion of any essential oils, regardless of source (essential oils are very different from flavor extracts).  For example, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to about 26-28 cups of peppermint tea.  Would you give your child 28 cups of tea in the span of a few hours? 

And while there are many varieties and countries of origin producing essential oils, there is no recognized standard by AFNOR (the Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) acts as a standards-setting body for a variety of products and services - not just essential oils. AFNOR has no such program for certifying essential oils, based on its standards, nor ISO for certification between Grades A, B, or C, or Therapeutic.  Their standards cover all specifications for essential oils, but do not include any reference to therapeutic grade. There are several companies that have trademarked the use of 'Therapeutic Grade' or 'Grade A', and "Perfume Grade" simply as a means of marketing.  The grades that do exist are different types of organic certifications, ISO standards, BP (British Pharmacopeia) standards, and FCC(Food Chemicals Codex).  

All of Indigo Bath and Body's essential oils are sourced from only the highest quality suppliers, or direct from the origin countries themselves (right along those same contracted fields of all those other companies), and have all been analyzed for their purity.  As with any natural product, Indigo Bath and Body's essential oils may vary slightly from season to season, as each crop may vary in different levels of their chemical compounds, unlike synthetic scents which are duplicated to exact levels with every batch. 

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