Cornstarch 140 Piece Disposable Biodegradable Dinner Set

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Ready for your picnic
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140 pc. Set (


Set of 20


Made of Corn Starch.

Our 140pc Disposable Set is a new arrival in the Biodisposable Range, and answers all your party or event needs in a guilt free manner. Made from corn starch, the set comprises of 20 x large plates, 20 x Side Plates, 20 x Bowls, 20 x Cups, 20 x Forks, 20 x Knives and 20 x Spoons all items in this pack are 100% biodisposable and a safer solution to throw away plastic tableware.

 Corn is a sustainable crop, renewed every 12 months. Plastic breaks down into tiny toxic little bits that pollute soil and waterways. This process is called “photo degrade” and takes from 400 to 1000 years. Our Corn  plates take less than 5 months to biodegrade into environmentally safe natural fertilizer.

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